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For patient wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms and infectious disease units, labs.

For room decontamination, just roll it in place.

Simple and quick, keeps your facility working.

•Safe, effective and easy to use.

•Fully automated (color touchscreen PLC).

•Hydrogen Peroxide based solution registered as Medical Device class IIB.

•Used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or peroxone (O3+H2O2).

•5 to 8μ particle size (dry mist).

•Chemical disinfectant stored in sealed and ready-to-use containers with RFID.



•Complies with NFT 72-281

TwinCruiser - protection from ebola, MERS & more

decontaminating rooms and all the equipment within it.

re-defining healthcare - building immunity

               is a filter-free portable breathing apparatus that effectively sterilises inhaled air, providing immediate protection against airborne pathogens, for example, influenza, coronavirus, rhinoviruses, TB, MRSA, anthrax, E. coli, protozoa, and spores; equally importantly, it will act against ebola and as yet unknown mutations and microorganisms.

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